SoeX Quick-Lite Premium Charcoal Tablets

Soex Quick Lite

In the early days of Hookah smoking, Hookah lovers would use normal kitchen coal for lighting up the Hookah flavour. This would create a lot of smoke and odor, and spoil the natural taste of the flavour. A lot of Hookah sessions have ended in disappointment due to adoption of this long and painful method. With the advent of special Hookah Charcoal Tablets, Hookah lovers discovered a splendid way to enhance their Hookah smoking session by enjoying the natural taste of the Hookah flavour.

Gift yourself a smooth and rewarding Hookah / Shisha smoking experience with high quality SoeX Quick-Lite Premium Charcoal Tablets. These unique charcoal tablet light up in seconds and burn equally from all sides, giving you the ultimate Hookah / Shisha smoking enjoyment. When you light up one SoeX Quick-Lite Charcoal Tablet, you are assured 60 minutes of pure Hookah / Shisha bliss. Being completely smokeless and odorless, every SoeX Quick-Lite Charcoal Tablet will increase your Hookah / Shisha smoking experience manifold. Light up a SoeX Quick-Lite Charcoal Tablet and begin a journey of uninterrupted Hookah smoking delight.