3 Steps for enjoying the perfect Hookah smoking experience

If you want to enjoy the perfect Hookah / Shisha smoking experience, it takes some smart planning and intelligent thinking. If you feel that choosing the best quality flavour is enough for experience a fabulous Hookah / Shisha session, think again. The three important elements of a satisfying Hookah / Shisha experience are […]Read more »

5 ways to enhance your Hookah smoking session

Add liquids to your Hookah water If you want to significantly enhance the flavour bit of your Hookah session, we suggest that you add different liquids to your Hookah water! This is a popular trick used worldwide by Hookah lovers. Want to enjoy cola flavoured Shisha? Just add a bit of your […]Read more »

Hookah Setup Troubleshooting

No bubbles in the glass when inhaling?  It could be one of the following reasons: o – There is too much or too little water in the glass base. The metal stem needs to be 1 ½ inches submerged in the water. o – One of the connections is […]Read more »