Afzal Range



Afzal Fruit Range

Experience the sweet taste of fresh juicy Fruits when you light up your Hookah session. If you’re trying Hookah for the first time, this is the flavour to go for.


Afzal Cool Range

Experience the refreshingly different taste 4 Seasons, a unique Hookah flavour which is a delightful combination of fresh tropical fruits like sweet melon, musk melon and kiwi, with a pinch of Indian herbs. Try this exciting flavour today.

Afzal Sweet Range

Have a tasty blast at your Hookah get-together with this awesome flavour, which is a fascinating combination of kiwi, berry and cool mint. Let the icy coolness of this flavour flow down your palate

Afzal Baverages Range

Take your Hookah moments to a refreshingly extreme level with Blue Extreme, a sweet and tangy combination of citrus fruits blended with fresh mint. This flavour will appeal to adventurous Hookah lovers.

Afzal Spicy Range

This popular flavour comes from one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and will pleasantly surprise you with a traditional Hookah smoking experience.

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