AFZAL Exclusive Hookah

Take your Hookah session to an enchanting level with this unique handmade Afzal Exclusive Hookah. This magnificent Hookah stands a full 18 inches in height, comes with an exquisitely designed ceramic bowl and will impart a majestic touch to your décor. Available in a choice of Red, Green, Blue and Black colours, AFZAL Exclusive Hookah is especially handmade for giving you a royal smoking experience that you will cherish as a connoisseur of Hookah smoking. The simple yet elegant design of this will appeal to your classy taste.

Mouth Tips Afzal

We know how much you love smoking your favourite Afzal flavours with your hookah buddies! And sharing the same hookah is a common sight in hookah parties. But this could lead to spreading of germs and we sure don’t want that.

Hence, using Afzal Hookah Mouth Tips is always a safer and a better option to avoid the spread of germs. Afzal Hookah Mouth Tips are hygienic ways to share your hookah with friends and fellow hookah smokers. They will serve sanitary purposes when you’re smoking with a group of people. Smoke it safe and be sure these hookah tips are handed out to each of your guests, so that when it’s their turn to smoke, they can place their tip on the hose and have their puffs!

Afzal Aluminum Foil

Unlike regular foils which are thin and cannot sustain the heat of the burning charcoal-tablet, Afzal Aluminium Foils are specially manufactured using advanced heat-resistant technology for effectively sustaining the burning of the charcoal-tablet and giving you an undisturbed hookah session.

Afzal Aluminium Foils are specially made from superior thicker-micron foil and are completely Hookah friendly. Our foils are easy to use, totally hassle-free and offer you complete hands-free convenience. They control the burning of the flavour so that you can enjoy a longer smoking session.

Afzal Ready 2 Go

Your Anytime Anywhere Hookah In an endeavour to provide the best and latest to our discerning customers, #AfzalHookah2Go gets you the convenience of portable hookah with the experience that’s as authentic as the classic one. With an increased focus on smart product design and intelligent use of lightweight material, this sure is a favourite for hookah connoisseurs who are always on the move!

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