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We care about what tobacco enthusiasts love! That’s why we bring you a bunch of tasty flavors in different categories. We’re all about top-notch quality and trust. Our Flavored Tobacco Hookah Molasses is here to match your every mood perfectly! So that every mood is capsulated perfectly with our Flavoured Tabacco Hookah Molasses.

Soex Herbal

Elevate Your Vibe with Herbal Smoking Bliss!

Smoking Hookah isn’t just a form of relaxing but a form of celebrating life, we proudly present Soex Herbal Flavoured Hookah Molasses; with 0% nicotine, 0% tar and 0% tabacco, manufactured with herbal material providing the exact feel of smoking to our health conscious smokers.

Irfaz Charcoal

Hi-Quality Charcoal for all occasions

Irfaz Charco-Lite is one of the smartest charcoal that has been produced in the market as of yet. With features like fast Ergonomic Heat-flow, instant burning, and flavourful, it is hard to go wrong with Irfaz Charco-Lite.


Herbal Sisha Somking With Nicotine

Nico (Herbal Moasses with Infused Nicotine) provides a satisfying and easy way into the workld of traditional shisha smoking. Manufactured and processed to mimic the experience of smoking tabbacco molasses with a Non Tobacco Base. 

Special Edition

Maxperience The Special edition

Explore our special edition hookah flavors! Indulge in unique and delightful blends crafted to elevate your smoking experience. Unleash a world of taste with our exclusive collection.


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