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If you’re a first-time Hookah smoker, choosing the right flavours does not come easily. It takes a good amount of research and finding out, before you are sure that the flavours you have selected are the flavours that are apt for a first-time hookah smoker like you.

1) Online research will help you in gathering information
Check out the discussions on popular Hookah forums by smokers. Also follow popular Hookah bloggers who keep posting interesting information.

2) Your local tobacco store can be of great help
We suggest you ask the Hookah store assistant about which flavours are in running demand with majority Hookah smokers.

3) If in doubt, settle for popular flavours
If you are not sure about your first Hookah flavour, it is best to begin with popular fruity flavours like Double Apple, Grape, and Mango. You can also try spicy flavours like Pan Raas for a different experience.