Add liquids to your Hookah water

If you want to significantly enhance the flavour bit of your Hookah session, we suggest that you add different liquids to your Hookah water! This is a popular trick used worldwide by Hookah lovers. Want to enjoy cola flavoured Shisha? Just add a bit of your favourite cola drink to the water base and enjoy a cola-like experience.

Try Natural Charcoals

If you’re using chemical based charcoal tablets for your Hookah sessions, you are missing out on a full bodied Hookah smoking experience. Not all Hookah coals are created equal; for enjoying your Hookah moments to the maximum, try natural charcoals. Charcoals derived from Coconut are the most common natural charcoals. They burn for a longer time than ordinary coals and give you a longer, fuller Hookah smoking experience.

The shiny side of your Foil goes downward

This is another great way of enhancing your Hookah smoking session. When you place the foil over the hookah bowl, ensure that the shiny side of the foil is placed downwards. Put your charcoal tablets on the dull side of the foil, and you are assured of a better smoking experience. The shiny side of the foil retains heat better and transfers this heat to the flavour, which lets you enjoy the full taste of the tobacco flavour.

Add Ice to the Base

If you want to enjoy a thick, chilled Hookah smoking experience, drop an ice cube into the Hookah base! You will be amazed at the thickness of the smoke, every time you blow a smoke ring. Make sure you drop the ice cube only after you have filled the base with water – if you dump the cube into empty glass, you may end up damaging it.

Mix flavours

In the mood for some Hookah adventure? Mix some of your favourite flavours and see what new flavour comes up. Mixing classic flavours with latest ones can result in an amazing Hookah smoking experience. Who knows, you may invent a unique combination that could well become a trendsetter!

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If you’re a first-time Hookah smoker, choosing the right flavours does not come easily. It takes a good amount of research and finding out, before you are sure that the flavours you have selected are the flavours that are apt for a first-time hookah smoker like you.

1) Online research will help you in gathering information
Check out the discussions on popular Hookah forums by smokers. Also follow popular Hookah bloggers who keep posting interesting information.

2) Your local tobacco store can be of great help
We suggest you ask the Hookah store assistant about which flavours are in running demand with majority Hookah smokers.

3) If in doubt, settle for popular flavours
If you are not sure about your first Hookah flavour, it is best to begin with popular fruity flavours like Double Apple, Grape, and Mango. You can also try spicy flavours like Pan Raas for a different experience.



“Are you a hookah fan as well?” It’s becoming a fad these days to have an aroma that can attract a crowd. There are several flavours of hookah that seem to be universally popular. They always seem to pop up, no matter where you’re smoking or who you’re smoking with. That got us starting to think: What are the most popular hookah flavours one should definitely try once?
Being the best hookah flavours brand in India for years, we’ve compiled a list of what we feel are the best hookah flavours of all time.


The following best hookah flavours combinations that everyone loves will provide you with the best clouds and long-lasting sessions with no buzz or dizziness:


Mint goes well with almost every taste, and it’s SOEX’s rendition as a hookah flavour is the most realistic. Others may have a stronger taste or a chiller finish, but no one has been able to recreate mint’s essence. Mint flavour deserves kudos for being the best hookah flavour of all time.


Who’s up for a trip down memory lane? We all enjoyed chewing bubble gum as kids and had it regularly. The popularity of bubble gum has grown as a result of their inclusion in the hookah arena. The bubble gum can now be enjoyed by inhaling smoke. If you like fruity, sweet flavours, this is the flavour for you.


SOEX’s blueberry is one of our personal favourites. It is flawlessly smooth and rich. It leaves a vibrant flavour on your tongue while allowing you to enjoy the thick smoke. On top of it, this flavour also creates a pleasant fragrance in the area and allows you to smoke for an extended period. On a side note, the combination of blueberry and mint will appeal more to you.


Lemon is mostly known for its sweet citrus flavours. While it is primarily sweet, there is a little tartness to it. Because this is a single note flavour, it may easily be blended with a variety of other hookah flavours to provide a more flavourful smoke. The best mix you can try is the Coco-Lemonade flavour by SOEX.


Double apple refers to two apples, so try the “SOEX Double Apple” flavour for tingling and light apple tastes. This is one of the most popular and the best hookah flavours in the world, and it’s usually the first flavour that newcomers try. People all around the world adore it because of its sweet-tangy flavour.

To Sum Up
Did you know this: Because SOEX herbal molasses doesn’t contain nicotine, they will not give make you high? Moreover, all of the flavours are intended to be mixed to make a new one. You are always allowed to combine whatever flavour you choose to create something unique. In fact, at SOEX, we have got a huge variety of the best hookah flavours and possible flavour combinations. So, give it a try today itself!