Add liquids to your Hookah water

If you want to significantly enhance the flavour bit of your Hookah session, we suggest that you add different liquids to your Hookah water! This is a popular trick used worldwide by Hookah lovers. Want to enjoy cola flavoured Shisha? Just add a bit of your favourite cola drink to the water base and enjoy a cola-like experience.

Try Natural Charcoals

If you’re using chemical based charcoal tablets for your Hookah sessions, you are missing out on a full bodied Hookah smoking experience. Not all Hookah coals are created equal; for enjoying your Hookah moments to the maximum, try natural charcoals. Charcoals derived from Coconut are the most common natural charcoals. They burn for a longer time than ordinary coals and give you a longer, fuller Hookah smoking experience.

The shiny side of your Foil goes downward

This is another great way of enhancing your Hookah smoking session. When you place the foil over the hookah bowl, ensure that the shiny side of the foil is placed downwards. Put your charcoal tablets on the dull side of the foil, and you are assured of a better smoking experience. The shiny side of the foil retains heat better and transfers this heat to the flavour, which lets you enjoy the full taste of the tobacco flavour.

Add Ice to the Base

If you want to enjoy a thick, chilled Hookah smoking experience, drop an ice cube into the Hookah base! You will be amazed at the thickness of the smoke, every time you blow a smoke ring. Make sure you drop the ice cube only after you have filled the base with water – if you dump the cube into empty glass, you may end up damaging it.

Mix flavours

In the mood for some Hookah adventure? Mix some of your favourite flavours and see what new flavour comes up. Mixing classic flavours with latest ones can result in an amazing Hookah smoking experience. Who knows, you may invent a unique combination that could well become a trendsetter!