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No bubbles in the glass when inhaling?

It could be one of the following reasons:

There is too much or too little water in the glass base. The metal stem needs to be 1 ½

inches submerged in the water.

One of the connections is not 100% airtight.

Check by:

Check connections between the metal stem and the:

a) Glass base.

b) Hose.

c) Hookah bowl.

The smoke is too thick?

When the tobacco heats up rapidly, the smoke inside the chamber of the glass vase may get thick. To prevent this, start with a single piece of charcoal and place it on one side of the bowl. Using the tongs, move the charcoal, around the top of the clay bowl throughout the smoking session. This will regulate the amount of tobacco being heated at one time. As a remedy – blow gently into the hose to clear some of the smoke from the chamber.

The smoke is too thin?

If the hookah was smoking very well and the smoke becomes very thin; then the charcoal is probably beginning to die out. Clear some of the ashes from the charcoal do so very carefully. Light a new charcoal and put it atop the hookah bowl. Be sure to not light a self-lighting charcoal on top of the hookah while smoking since the extra smoke will overwhelm the tobacco flavors.

If the smoke starts off very thin, it usually means the charcoal is not hot enough. Simply light up another charcoal and begin with two charcoals. You may find that once the charcoals are well-heated, the smoke in the chamber becomes very thick. At this time remove one of the coals and continue the smoking session with a single piece.