Add liquids to your Hookah water

If you want to significantly enhance the flavour bit of your Hookah session, we suggest that you add different liquids to your Hookah water! This is a popular trick used worldwide by Hookah lovers. Want to enjoy cola flavoured Shisha? Just add a bit of your favourite cola drink to the water base and enjoy a cola-like experience.

Try Natural Charcoals

If you’re using chemical based charcoal tablets for your Hookah sessions, you are missing out on a full bodied Hookah smoking experience. Not all Hookah coals are created equal; for enjoying your Hookah moments to the maximum, try natural charcoals. Charcoals derived from Coconut are the most common natural charcoals. They burn for a longer time than ordinary coals and give you a longer, fuller Hookah smoking experience.

The shiny side of your Foil goes downward

This is another great way of enhancing your Hookah smoking session. When you place the foil over the hookah bowl, ensure that the shiny side of the foil is placed downwards. Put your charcoal tablets on the dull side of the foil, and you are assured of a better smoking experience. The shiny side of the foil retains heat better and transfers this heat to the flavour, which lets you enjoy the full taste of the tobacco flavour.

Add Ice to the Base

If you want to enjoy a thick, chilled Hookah smoking experience, drop an ice cube into the Hookah base! You will be amazed at the thickness of the smoke, every time you blow a smoke ring. Make sure you drop the ice cube only after you have filled the base with water – if you dump the cube into empty glass, you may end up damaging it.

Mix flavours

In the mood for some Hookah adventure? Mix some of your favourite flavours and see what new flavour comes up. Mixing classic flavours with latest ones can result in an amazing Hookah smoking experience. Who knows, you may invent a unique combination that could well become a trendsetter!

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If you’re a first-time Hookah smoker, choosing the right flavours does not come easily. It takes a good amount of research and finding out, before you are sure that the flavours you have selected are the flavours that are apt for a first-time hookah smoker like you.

1) Online research will help you in gathering information
Check out the discussions on popular Hookah forums by smokers. Also follow popular Hookah bloggers who keep posting interesting information.

2) Your local tobacco store can be of great help
We suggest you ask the Hookah store assistant about which flavours are in running demand with majority Hookah smokers.

3) If in doubt, settle for popular flavours
If you are not sure about your first Hookah flavour, it is best to begin with popular fruity flavours like Double Apple, Grape, and Mango. You can also try spicy flavours like Pan Raas for a different experience.



If you want to enjoy the perfect Hookah / Shisha smoking experience, it takes some smart planning and intelligent thinking. If you feel that choosing the best quality flavour is enough for experience a fabulous Hookah / Shisha session, think again. The three important elements of a satisfying Hookah / Shisha experience are the finest quality Shisha flavour, best quality Charcoal and a thick Shisha Foil.

AFZAL tobacco flavoured molasses and SOEX Herbal flavoured molasses are the preferred Hookah flavour choices of Hookah / Shisha lovers worldwide. Every day, millions of Hookah / Shisha smokers enjoy our flavours for entering a world of smoke filled with ecstasy. Our vast range of flavours satisfies even the most demanding Hookah / Shisha smokers. From the regular favourites to exclusive creations, SoeX India Pvt. Ltd. offers every conceivable Hookah / Shisha flavour.

Once you have selected your favourite flavour, we move on to the next important element of a deeply satisfying Hookah / Shisha experience: Charcoal for burning the flavour. If you select an ordinary charcoal brand for burning our flavours, you will almost certainly end up ruining your Hookah / Shisha session! Ordinary charcoals contain harmful chemicals that will interfere with the flavour; which means you will not enjoy the full bodied taste of the flavour. Choose only SoeX Quick-Lite or Charco-Lite Charcoal Tablets from the trusted house of SoeX India Pvt. Ltd. These charcoal tablets are completely odorless and ignite instantly, which means you will enjoy the full freedom of your Shisha, along with the fragrance and taste of the tobacco flavour. These tablets are great for enjoying Shisha when you are travelling, as you just need to ignite them with a match-stick or lighter and get started.

Now we move on to the third and equally important step towards enjoying a fabulous Hookah / Shisha smoking experience: Shisha Foil which you will place between the charcoal tablets and the Hookah / Shisha Flavour. Unlike regular foils which are thin and cannot sustain the heat of the burning charcoal-tablet, Afzal Aluminium Foils are specially manufactured using advanced heat-resistant technology for effectively sustaining the burning charcoal-tablet.

Made from thicker-micron foil, Afzal Aluminium Foils are Hookah flavour friendly and can handle the burning molasses without burning them and spoiling the taste of the flavour. This enables you to fully enjoy the real flavour taste and a satisfying Shisha session, without experiencing any burning sensation in the throat.

For experiencing a perfectly divine Hookah smoking experience, you should always use the following winning mantra:

AFZAL Tobacco Hookah Molasses and SoeX Herbal Hookah Molasses

Soex Charco-Lite and Quick-Lite Charcoal-Tablets

Afzal Aluminium Foils

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No bubbles in the glass when inhaling?

It could be one of the following reasons:

There is too much or too little water in the glass base. The metal stem needs to be 1 ½

inches submerged in the water.

One of the connections is not 100% airtight.

Check by:

Check connections between the metal stem and the:

a) Glass base.

b) Hose.

c) Hookah bowl.

The smoke is too thick?

When the tobacco heats up rapidly, the smoke inside the chamber of the glass vase may get thick. To prevent this, start with a single piece of charcoal and place it on one side of the bowl. Using the tongs, move the charcoal, around the top of the clay bowl throughout the smoking session. This will regulate the amount of tobacco being heated at one time. As a remedy – blow gently into the hose to clear some of the smoke from the chamber.

The smoke is too thin?

If the hookah was smoking very well and the smoke becomes very thin; then the charcoal is probably beginning to die out. Clear some of the ashes from the charcoal do so very carefully. Light a new charcoal and put it atop the hookah bowl. Be sure to not light a self-lighting charcoal on top of the hookah while smoking since the extra smoke will overwhelm the tobacco flavors.

If the smoke starts off very thin, it usually means the charcoal is not hot enough. Simply light up another charcoal and begin with two charcoals. You may find that once the charcoals are well-heated, the smoke in the chamber becomes very thick. At this time remove one of the coals and continue the smoking session with a single piece.



“Are you a hookah fan as well?” It’s becoming a fad these days to have an aroma that can attract a crowd. There are several flavours of hookah that seem to be universally popular. They always seem to pop up, no matter where you’re smoking or who you’re smoking with. That got us starting to think: What are the most popular hookah flavours one should definitely try once?
Being the best hookah flavours brand in India for years, we’ve compiled a list of what we feel are the best hookah flavours of all time.


The following best hookah flavours combinations that everyone loves will provide you with the best clouds and long-lasting sessions with no buzz or dizziness:


Mint goes well with almost every taste, and it’s SOEX’s rendition as a hookah flavour is the most realistic. Others may have a stronger taste or a chiller finish, but no one has been able to recreate mint’s essence. Mint flavour deserves kudos for being the best hookah flavour of all time.


Who’s up for a trip down memory lane? We all enjoyed chewing bubble gum as kids and had it regularly. The popularity of bubble gum has grown as a result of their inclusion in the hookah arena. The bubble gum can now be enjoyed by inhaling smoke. If you like fruity, sweet flavours, this is the flavour for you.


SOEX’s blueberry is one of our personal favourites. It is flawlessly smooth and rich. It leaves a vibrant flavour on your tongue while allowing you to enjoy the thick smoke. On top of it, this flavour also creates a pleasant fragrance in the area and allows you to smoke for an extended period. On a side note, the combination of blueberry and mint will appeal more to you.


Lemon is mostly known for its sweet citrus flavours. While it is primarily sweet, there is a little tartness to it. Because this is a single note flavour, it may easily be blended with a variety of other hookah flavours to provide a more flavourful smoke. The best mix you can try is the Coco-Lemonade flavour by SOEX.


Double apple refers to two apples, so try the “SOEX Double Apple” flavour for tingling and light apple tastes. This is one of the most popular and the best hookah flavours in the world, and it’s usually the first flavour that newcomers try. People all around the world adore it because of its sweet-tangy flavour.

To Sum Up
Did you know this: Because SOEX herbal molasses doesn’t contain nicotine, they will not give make you high? Moreover, all of the flavours are intended to be mixed to make a new one. You are always allowed to combine whatever flavour you choose to create something unique. In fact, at SOEX, we have got a huge variety of the best hookah flavours and possible flavour combinations. So, give it a try today itself!



Every part of a hookah has a special purpose during your session. It’s a lot of fun to customise your hookah with hookah accessories, such as hookah chillum cover, to make it your own. It adds flair to your hookah, similar to getting cool wheels for your vehicle or kitchen décor. Below, SOEX has compiled the 6 cool hookah accessories of all time. Our unwavering commitment to product innovation leads us to produce top-notch hookah accessories that appeal to both conventional and fashionable clients who smoke regularly and socially.

  1. Coal
    SOEX’s coals are specially made to enhance your hookah smoking experience. These coals set ablaze quickly without smoke and odour and burn from all sides slowly and evenly. Just light a Quick-Lite Charcoal, Charco-Lite Charcoal or Coco-Zeal Charcoal and ignite the pleasure of effortless hookah smoking.
  2. Aluminium Foils
    Afzal Aluminium Foils are chosen by Hookah enthusiasts worldwide. Unlike conventional foils, which are thin and can’t withstand the heat of a burning charcoal tablet, Afzal Aluminium Foils are made with sophisticated heat-resistant technology to successfully maintain the burning of the charcoal tablet and provide you with an uninterrupted hookah session.
  3. Portable Hookah
    If you cannot go without hookah and travel often, #AfzalHookah2Go is your best bet! It combines the ease of a portable hookah with the authenticity of a traditional hookah experience. This is very popular among hookah enthusiasts who are always on the go, thanks to increasing attention on clever product design and efficient use of lightweight material.
  4. Hookah Hose
    Shisha pipe and hookah stand are the pieces that must constantly be in good working order. One of the most significant hookah accessories is the hookah hose. It must be properly maintained, cleaned and replaced on a regular basis. You’ll be able to obtain the finest flavour and cleanest smoke this way.
  5. Hookah Bowl
    A hookah bowl is also an essential part of your session. It’s here where the magic happens. The hookah bowl is made of a variety of materials, which provides you with a unique flavour. Ultimately, it comes down to whatever bowl you are most comfortable with. Clay bowls are preferred by some, whereas others prefer silicone bowls.
  6. Hookah Tongs
    Hookah tongs of good quality make hookah setup and session modifications much easier to operate. These are made of a robust aluminium alloy that allows you to safely transfer hot hookah charcoal, with a sleek, contemporary appearance and premium flex and non-slip grip. With confidence, move burning embers from burner to bowl.

SEOX Have All of the Newest Hookah Accessories!

Afzal’s Exclusive Hookah, a dazzling hookah with an exquisitely designed ceramic bowl, will enhance the aesthetic of your space. is the only site you’ll ever need to go to for all of your cool hookah accessories! Our collection includes hookah flavours and hookah accessories in a variety of styles, including classic, modern, contemporary types and many more. Make something special each time you hang around, and you’ll have a premium hookah experience.



Hookah charcoal is one of the most essential and unfortunately overlooked components of a hookah setup. Even though it seems that the only importance of coal is to heat the shisha, it is not so.

Quick-Lite Charcoal

As its name suggests, it gets fully lit extremely fast in just 60 seconds and is usually made using chemical accelerants that facilitate the burning process which is very helpful when you are on travel or camping or when you don’t have an electric burner. It is a specially designed hookah charcoal marketed by SOEX that makes your hookah smoking experience better than before. It ignites pretty rapidly with little smoke or odour and burns gently from all sides. Moreover, the Quick-Lite Charcoal will enhance your pleasures of hookah smoking.
With its premium quality, retaining technology, less harmful chemicals and ease of use, it is indeed one of the best hookah charcoals.

Charco-Lite Charcoal

It is one of the unique hookah charcoals available on the market today. It is difficult to go wrong with Charco-Lite Charcoal due to its unrivalled qualities, including quick ergonomic heat flow, immediate burning and an aromatic flavour. With its enhanced heat flow technology, the Charco-Lite Charcoal marketed by SOEX ushers in a new era in hookah smoking, modifying your experience with seamless simplicity.

Coco-Zeal Coconut coal

Coconut coals are formed from natural wood material that is coconut husk. The Coco-Zeal Coconut coals marketed by SOEX is the most often used natural coal among hookah fanatics. It is essential to use a single coil electric heater to light it properly.
A normal hookah charcoal burner doesn’t work when it comes to natural coal. It takes somewhere around 10 minutes to light up completely and leave no ash behind as such. Hence, the Coconut Coals is almost the favourite one among people who like natural hookah flavour with a minimal twist. The best part is that it is eco-friendly as it does not have any added colour or flavour. Moreover, it does not produce any odour, boosting your satisfaction while smoking your hookah.

Different Types of Hookah Charcoal Shapes

There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to hookah charcoal. Have a look at different shapes:

Cubes: It is possibly the most common type of hookah mist; cubes have two equal horizontal sides that are ultra-stable when trimming.
Flats: Similar to cubes but more like a horizontal pub, apartments don’t burn off as quickly as cubes and maybe better for longer hookah sessions.
Circle: This contour is the poster child for quick-lite charcoal, so use it only when you’re certain it’s made entirely of natural materials.
Before You Go

Newbies often tend to go for the Quick-Lite Charcoal because of its ignition speed, but the problem with Quick-Lit Charcoal is that it generates a bit of weird smell while burning. At the same time, no such thing happens when it comes to Coconut Coals. Due to the above reasons, it is always recommended to use Coconut Coals over other types of coals. Nonetheless, the choice of the user shall always be the winner!