Hookah charcoal is one of the most essential and unfortunately overlooked components of a hookah setup. Even though it seems that the only importance of coal is to heat the shisha, it is not so.

Quick-Lite Charcoal

As its name suggests, it gets fully lit extremely fast in just 60 seconds and is usually made using chemical accelerants that facilitate the burning process which is very helpful when you are on travel or camping or when you don’t have an electric burner. It is a specially designed hookah charcoal marketed by SOEX that makes your hookah smoking experience better than before. It ignites pretty rapidly with little smoke or odour and burns gently from all sides. Moreover, the Quick-Lite Charcoal will enhance your pleasures of hookah smoking.
With its premium quality, retaining technology, less harmful chemicals and ease of use, it is indeed one of the best hookah charcoals.

Charco-Lite Charcoal

It is one of the unique hookah charcoals available on the market today. It is difficult to go wrong with Charco-Lite Charcoal due to its unrivalled qualities, including quick ergonomic heat flow, immediate burning and an aromatic flavour. With its enhanced heat flow technology, the Charco-Lite Charcoal marketed by SOEX ushers in a new era in hookah smoking, modifying your experience with seamless simplicity.

Coco-Zeal Coconut coal

Coconut coals are formed from natural wood material that is coconut husk. The Coco-Zeal Coconut coals marketed by SOEX is the most often used natural coal among hookah fanatics. It is essential to use a single coil electric heater to light it properly.
A normal hookah charcoal burner doesn’t work when it comes to natural coal. It takes somewhere around 10 minutes to light up completely and leave no ash behind as such. Hence, the Coconut Coals is almost the favourite one among people who like natural hookah flavour with a minimal twist. The best part is that it is eco-friendly as it does not have any added colour or flavour. Moreover, it does not produce any odour, boosting your satisfaction while smoking your hookah.

Different Types of Hookah Charcoal Shapes

There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to hookah charcoal. Have a look at different shapes:

Cubes: It is possibly the most common type of hookah mist; cubes have two equal horizontal sides that are ultra-stable when trimming.
Flats: Similar to cubes but more like a horizontal pub, apartments don’t burn off as quickly as cubes and maybe better for longer hookah sessions.
Circle: This contour is the poster child for quick-lite charcoal, so use it only when you’re certain it’s made entirely of natural materials.
Before You Go

Newbies often tend to go for the Quick-Lite Charcoal because of its ignition speed, but the problem with Quick-Lit Charcoal is that it generates a bit of weird smell while burning. At the same time, no such thing happens when it comes to Coconut Coals. Due to the above reasons, it is always recommended to use Coconut Coals over other types of coals. Nonetheless, the choice of the user shall always be the winner!